Tim Walz to Receive National Guard Award Wednesday

By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online

Rep. Tim Walz-D MN at a political town hall in Rochester. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Rep. Tim Walz, who is retiring from his post in the House of Representatives, is receiving one of the Minnesota Army National Guard’s highest honors Wednesday, the Harry S. Truman award. The award for a man who has done little for veterans and veterans affairs is the worst kind of valueless political theater imaginable.

The award ceremony is to happen at the National Guard Training and Community Center at Mankato. Leadership is awarding this honor to Walz for his contribution to the National Guard and Veterans affairs. The question is, to what accomplishments for the sake of veterans is the leadership of the Minnesota Guard pointing too? Has the suicide rate amongst veterans been reduced in Minnesota? Has it become easier for veterans to obtain college education benefits, home loans, career counseling, emotional and psychological support, or housing for those who remain homeless?

While Minnesota is better than other states, there is little evidence that that is a result of anything that Walz has done. Indeed, he talks a good game, but his votes in the House of Representatives demonstrates otherwise. This award may be less an acknowledgement of work or accomplishment on behalf of the representative, but more a way to maintain a friendly relationship with Walz. After all, Walz is retiring his post in the House, and instead attempting to advance his political career to include the post as Governor of Minnesota. A well rewarded former representative may in turn reward friends who first acknowledged him. The outgoing Adjutant General for example might appreciate a posting in new Walz administration. How does the job as chief of the Minnesota VA sound? Keep a clear eye and watch what happens. If anyone wants to see what a self-licking ice cream cone looks like, here is your chance!

Minnesotans in the first district are slowly coming to their senses about the many broken promises of Tim Walz. In the last election, the representative barely squeaked by to defeat challenger Jim Hagedorn by the narrowest of margins. Jim was taking a third and final shot at the representative this election cycle and it is likely that Walz saw the writing on the wall. It might be easier to run for governor, and more rewarding, than challenging his nemesis for a third time and potentially suffering an embarrassing defeat. Walz may be able to shore up more support amongst more liberal enclaves like the Iron Range, Native American reservations and the Twin Cities than he would in his own home district. Indeed, he may well become the front runner once polling becomes available. A prestigious award from the National Guard might bolster Walz’s political image on metropolitan voters who may be on the fence.

We at The American Millennium think that it is high time to stop handing out trophies and medals and finally rolling up our sleeves to do something instrumental for veterans of our state. We feel that Jim Hagedorn is the best person to do that. He will face a primary challenge in the next election as State Senator Carla Nelson. Nelson has a strong conservative record in the state legislator and is a respected leader. Whoever received the endorsement of the state party and emerges from the primary will get the endorsement of this publication. Either one would be much better than any of the liberal democrat challengers, and a much better choice to represent and protect the values of the southern Minnesota voter and especially the veterans who have served our state with honor.

The American Millennium is pleased to announce the publication of our first novel, entitled: Adder: The Logisticians, available for digital download from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Biblioteca. While it is not yet available in printed copies, we hope that this new novel will generate enough buzz for us to accomplish that down the road. If you ever wondered what it was like to go on patrol in the dangerous main supply routes of Iraq, this is your chance. This piece of historical fiction puts you in the driver’s seat next to composite characters representative of the men and women who bravely fought in the Global War on Terror. Check out our author’s page here, and download your copy today. If you like the novel, tell your friends and keep the buzz going. Be on the lookout for other titles from yours truly, starting with “The House on Spirit Lake” a paranormal fiction novel, available soon from Pronoun Publishing very soon.




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Tragedy In Charlottesville

By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

I would like to take this moment to express my outrage and horror at what has happened in Virginia over the weekend. Two state patrol officers dead, and a young woman murdered after being run down by a white supremist. I thought we had gotten past all of this, but apparently not. Tragic.

Let’s clear something up from the get go. Those police officers didn’t die fighting violence and hatred as the headlines seem to imply. Their helicopter crashed, possibly from mechanical failure. Tragic, but not the fault of any one party or group. Our hearts go out to their families. They were only doing their jobs.

Second, and this is the most important: the American Millennium blog totally denounces racism and hatred in all its forms. It doesn’t matter if its white supremists or blm or Antifa; you all suck. God Almighty created us all in His image, and what He did was good. He did not create us to hate one another for our glorious differences. Stop trying to be something you are not and love your enemy, do good to those who want to harm you. That is what the carpenter from Nazareth tried to teach us. Be perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect! Not this! This is horror. This is evil.

As we watch the stupidity that took place in Charlottesville over the weekend, we wonder how anyone has that much time on their hands. We wonder too why the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAulliffe did not call out the National Guard. Possibly he did not know for which side they would fight? I will tell you which side they would fight, the side of law and order, which they always do, which is why McAulliffe didn’t want them there. He wanted the chaos, the violence. He wanted the talking points. He did not want peace, because that did not serve his purpose. He should be impeached. He’s always been a crony of Hillary Clinton and as such no one should believe a single word he says. It’s all political calculation with him.

There has been criticism that President Donald Trump has not come out to condemn the violence on behalf of white supremist groups. I heard his comments this weekend and I have no trouble with what he said. He said we must all respect each other. You can view his comments here.


I don’t know if you can get a stronger condemnation than that. The president is right. This kind of thing has been going on for a long time in this country and it has to stop. We are going backwards.

OpsLens contributor T.B. Lefevor, an active law enforcement officer in the Atlanta Georgia area, had a great column today commenting on the violence going on in Virginia over the weekend. You can read the whole thing here, it is a very good read.

Lefever states very eloquently: Ignorance owned the day and it’s just the latest event to have the rest of us questioning if we as a people are going forwards or backwards in this country.


Lefever is right. We are going backwards. We as Americans defeated the very ideologies that are now clashing. They have raised their ugly heads again, Nazism, Fascism, racism both from whites and blacks. It’s disgusting. But we should not be surprised that they are fighting each other again. We have to crush their heads, not with our fists, but with our logical arguments of anti-hate. We must ridicule them in our blogs, and express our horror in the public spaces.

Lefever writes in his column: “…good people can disagree on this matter without having to beat the hell out of each other in Charlottesville.”

I know a lot of democrats, a lot of republicans, independents and libertarians. Most are good people who just want to make the world a better place. You can express your opinions, you have that right, but keep your hands to yourself. It’s the golden rule, do onto others as you would have done to you. Nothing more needs to be said.

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Training? Or Worldview? Why did a Minneapolis Cop with a Somali heritage shoot a Caucasian woman from Australia?

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By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium


Don Damond, the fiance of Justine, embraces Valerie Castile, mother of Philando who was killed by a police officer during a traffic stop last year. -photo by AP

Officer Brett exited his squad car and stepped onto the curb. His partner, Mike, put the car in park and exited from the driver’s side. They both approached the target house, a two-level residence with teal green siding and a three-season porch, with their guns drawn at the low-ready, pointed at the ground for safety. Minutes before they had been operating a speed trap on the other side of town. It had been a quiet day in this sleepy, middle Minnesota lake town. In a flash, it became much more exciting and dangerous. The two young officers approached the residence with caution, responding to a dispatcher’s emergency call. A young woman was being held against her will by her boyfriend inside, and the man had a gun!

Mike and Brett had talked about strategy as they drove to the call. Brett would take the front of the house, Mike would go around the rear. Brett would take a position of cover at the front and call out to the occupants inside. He would try to calm the young man inside and start to negotiate until the Quick Response Team got there. Mike would cover the back, in case the suspect attempted to flee that way. Neither would enter the building; their instructions were to wait for QRF! Once on the ground, however, the plan fell apart as the situation drastically changed.

The woman being held, a girl of 15 or 16, saw the police officers drive up through the big pane glass in the front living room. Her boyfriend, a man of 20 years, saw them too. Risking it all, the girl bolted out of the front door and onto the porch. Her boyfriend tried to stop her, but she was too fast. She skipped a step and ran towards the officers in the front lawn, passing smoothly between them. “He’s got a gun!” she said.  Brett was in front of Mike and as the girl passed by him, he positioned his body in front of hers, shielding her from her boyfriend, an angry young man who was recently discharged from the Army National Guard of Wisconsin for unsoldierly conduct. The man emerged from the house half a second later and pointed his gun.

It’s not clear if he was trying to engage the officers, or if he was trying to murder his girlfriend in an alcohol-fueled rage. What is known is that he fired, and struck Brett in the face. Brett had allowed himself to check over his shoulder, glancing at his partner and seeing that the girl was safely protected, then he turned towards the house, where he saw the man with the raised gun. He began to shout commands, but he was too late. He fell to the ground mortally wounded. Mike screamed in terror and rage, he raised his gun, but he didn’t fire. The girl and the body of his partner were in his line of fire. He let the girl pass by and watched helplessly as his partner fell to the ground in front of him. Then he started to engage the target, who quickly retreated into the protection of the house. Without firing, Mike lowered his gun again and rushed towards his partner’s side. Brett was lying face up, on his back, looking up at the sky with vacant eyes. Blood was gushing from a wound in his forehead. Mike put down his firearm and grabbed Brett’s hand. He kept calling his name, trying to keep his partner awake, comforting him.

Brett looked up, and uttered his last word, the name of his wife: Wendy!

The vignette you just read is a fictionalized account of an event that happened a few years ago in Lake City, Minnesota. No one really knows what happened, except for the people involved. Two of them are dead. The suspect killed himself during the standoff that followed. I’ve changed the names, because I don’t want to cause the families of the officers involved any more pain than they’ve already suffered. The officer who was wounded lingered for weeks in a hospital in Rochester, dying shortly before Christmas. The officer who lived, lives with the painful memory of what it was like to lose a partner and a good friend. A wife remembers her loving husband as she tries to raise three girls all on her own. This event clearly illustrates how quickly things can change in the day in the life of our law enforcement officers. In Army terms, we logisticians like to say that the plan is only good until the first shot is fired. It can be like that for our police officers, who have to balance their duty to protect and serve our citizens, catch the bad guys, and in the worst-case scenarios, defend their lives. At the end of the day, we want all our officers who protect us to go home safe to their families when their work shift is done.

In Minneapolis

The relationship we have with our officers has come into question again in Minneapolis following the death of an Australian woman Justine Damond, who was killed by a Somali police officer earlier in the week. The killing has caused a firestorm of controversy and has led to the resignation of the Minneapolis Police Chief, Janee Harteau. All the controversy is further fueled with the prosecution and acquittal of Minneapolis officer Jeronimo Yanez who shot and killed an African-American motorist last year. The relationship between residents and the police is strained, and has been for some time. Here is what we know about last week’s incident so far.

Damond called police the evening of July 16 to report what she thought might be a sexual assault happening in the alley behind her house. She also called her fiancé, who encouraged her to talk to police. Officer Matthew Harrity was driving down the alley with his partner Mohamed Noor in the passenger side. The lights were off, as were the body and dash cameras, as the officers slowly patrolled through the neighborhood, looking for potential suspects. There was a loud sound, according to testimony from Officer Harrity, after which Damond emerged from her house and approached the driver. Both men were startled by the sound, Harrity told investigators with the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), but Noor drew his gun. Firing across his partner, Noor fatally wounded Damond in the abdomen.

The officers rendered aid, it is said, but to no avail. While Officer Harrity gave testimony to what happened to the investigators of the BCA, Noor has lawyered up, offering no explanation as to why he fired. Police experts say it’s not implausible that the officers feared an ambush following similar incidents in New York City, but is it fair to assume that the way to respond is to shoot first and ask questions later?

Harrity and Noor are under paid administrative leave as per protocol in the incident, but all the focus is on Noor. Both men reacted drastically different to the same stimuli, Noor fatally. According to the reports from the Star Tribune, some police experts wonder if the fast-track training of the rookie officer was to blame. Noor didn’t graduate with traditional law enforcement degree. He has a business degree. The 21-month rookie took an eight-month fast track course aimed at recruiting officers from different backgrounds into a force that is grossly undermanned. Experts who talked to the Star Tribune say the course focuses largely on tactics, but not strategy, neglecting crucial areas of a police officer’s education. But, is that fair? The instructors at the fast-track academy may not have advanced degrees, but presumably they are trained law enforcement officials with years of patrol experience and anecdotal tales to use as vignettes to train up new recruits. With all that experience, one would assume that eight months is enough to train up an officer. The service branches take similar time to train their private soldiers. It takes about 18-months to train an officer at many of the state and federal commissioning sources. For me, Infantry Officer’s Basic was four months long. I spent a two-years in ROTC before that. Many graduates go to Airborne School, (3 weeks) and Ranger School (9 weeks) after that. Soldiers once trained and deployed are restricted by vigorous rules of engagement. Police officers should be as well. 

I really feel that piling on to the instructors at the academy is unfair, and a cheap shot by the Star Tribune. Without knowing what is in the curriculum, The Star Tribune paints the instructors with a very broad brush. I would encourage the instructors to invite bloggers and journalists in the state to come and audit some of their blocks of instruction so that the public can get an idea about how their new police candidates are being trained. Without that background, criticism of the program is just sloppy journalism.

Indeed, members of the press should ask law enforcement agencies for permission to do ride alongs, to get a feel for what it’s really like to patrol the streets. Our law enforcement leaders should bridge the gap of understanding by holding open meeting to discuss policy and training with the public. Here in Rochester, the Olmsted County Sheriff and Rochester Police Chief are doing that, scheduling a demonstration on body cameras later this week. All law enforcement agencies should do that.

With the recent shootings of dogs in Minneapolis, that agency should review its policy on how to deal with animals found in the course of normal patrol and service calls. Tactics on less lethal means of engagement should be resourced and trained. They are not always feasible for every situation, but they are a tool in the tool kit that may be being overlooked.

We don’t want our patrolmen and women whipping out their guns every time there is an incident. We also don’t want our officers to be jeopardized every time they respond to a call.

Training? Or Worldview?

Was it training, or was it vetting of potential candidates that is the problem? In a report from the Daily Telegraph, a neighbor of the Noor family paints a picture of Noor that shows that perhaps he wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around.

Chris Miller is a 49-year old African-American who drives a fork lift for a living. He lives next door to a complex where Noor’s parents and younger siblings live, and he has seen Noor there. Miller explains that Noor seems to have very little respect for kids, women and blacks he comes in contact with.

““He is extremely nervous … he is a little jumpy … he doesn’t really respect women, the least thing you say to him can set him off,” Miller said.

““He is extremely nervous … he is a little jumpy … he doesn’t really respect women, the least thing you say to him can set him off!” -Chris Miller, describing neighbor Mohamed Noor

“When they say a policeman shot an Australian lady I thought uh, oh but then when they said who it was I was like, ‘OK.’” Said Miller.

“He has little respect for women he has little respect for blacks and kids,” said Miller.

“He has an air like you just couldn’t really be around him.”

We wonder if the Somali worldview and strict adherence of the Islamic world view are the right fit for someone we want patrolling our streets and dealing with our citizens. From testimony from Miller, we find a Noor who is not a good neighbor, intolerant of kids, disrespectful of women, and not pleasant to be around.

From his record as an officer, we find that in the 21-months since he’s been hired, Noor has racked up three complaints, two of which remain open. The last one is a case where a woman complains that she was dragged off to a hospital for an involuntary mental commitment. She was released several hours later after the woman complained she had no need to be there and the officer roughed her up and put her in an arm bar.

The City of Minneapolis invested a lot of time, money and effort in hiring Noor, who had no law enforcement training previous to being hired. He was praised as a diversity hero when he was first hired. Now Minneapolis residents label him the villain. It may take even more time, effort and money to remove him from the force and make things right with the Damond family. Already it has caused a serious change in leadership in Minneapolis. The police chief has resigned and things look a little rocky for the mayor. If a charge is brought against Noor, and the case laid in front of a jury of his peers, the verdict may well be in the hands of at least a few citizens of Minneapolis who have a similar worldview as the defendant. What would an acquittal look like? Or a conviction? Either way, I foresee a lot more pain in the Cities, future as this case is being decided.

In the meantime, LE agencies should take a closer look at their policies and reach out to their communities. LE training facilities and schools should take another look at their curriculum to see if changes or a refocusing is needed. And citizens should march and talk, but not burn or destroy. At the end of the day, we are all in this together.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Damond family and the neighborhood. No amount of analysis or discussion can lessen your grief. We are very sorry for your loss.

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Jeremy Griffith, the creator of The American Millennium Online. He is a military veteran of the Iraq War. He retired as a Captain in 2015. 

Somali Officer who shot unarmed woman may be impossible to prosecute.

By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online


Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor allegedly shot Justine Damond after the unarmed woman reported a potential sexual assault in her neighborhood.

Political Correctness in Minneapolis may be costly as well as deadly following the shooting of an unarmed Caucasian woman by a Somali police officer.

Four days ago, Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, a 21-month rookie of the force, shot and killed Justine Damond with a single gunshot through a squad car window. Damond had called the police to report a potential assault in her neighborhood and had gone down to the squad car to talk to the officers when she was shot. Another officer, Matthew Harrity, who was driving the car, had his window down and reports seeing the woman as she approached. The officer reports they were surprised by a loud noise before the woman approached, and Noor fired from the passenger side of the car, across his partner’s body. Damond’s family is understandably distraught, as she was supposed to get married to her fiancé next month. While Harrity complied with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s request for an interview, Noor has so far declined.

Everyone deserves his or her day in court in front of a jury of his or her peers, and if Noor is charged, according to US and Minnesota law, he is entitled. What might be very problematic for the state is securing a conviction if the evidence leads to such a charge? Over 21 months ago, the City of Minneapolis was hailing Noor as a hero, the first Somali police officer to enter the force. Since then he has racked up three complaints against him, two of which are still open and pending. And now this. If Noor is charged with something like homicide, Noor may face a jury where at least a percentage of the jurors will be Somali, with a very different world view of the law outside of Minnesota statutes and the US Constitution. I predict that if a jury is empaneled by the state, it will be very difficult if not impossible to secure a conviction. A hung jury or outright acquittal is more likely.

The City of Minneapolis may have shot themselves in the foot here in regards to the hiring of what may be an unstable officer. Already the City Police Department has a bad rep because of the questionable shooting of Philandro Castille, an African-American motorist, last year. The officer who shot him was of Hispanic descent and stated that he was in fear for his life after the driver, who smelled of marijuana, reported to the officer that he had a gun.

That incident was captured in part on video, both from the victim’s girlfriend and the officer’s dashboard cam. No such video of the incident over the weekend is available because the officer’s body cams and dash cams were off when the incident took place. Any case for or against Noor will revolve solely on the statement of Officer Harrity.

With a conviction of a potentially unstable officer seemingly more and more unlikely, the only justice the family of Damond may see may well be a lawsuit against the city. Firing Noor for cause may be the best thing to happen out of this mess, and it might just be in the interest of the City of Minneapolis to settle with the family. A lawsuit for wrongful death may cost the city and taxpayers millions of dollars. So much for the cities dream and hopeful pursuit of diversity and social engineering in the police force.

What do you think should happen in this case? Take a survey below!

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A Brief Explanation of the Nature of God

By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium


Here are some thoughts that occurred to me the other day as I was waiting at the post office. It was a rather long line and I had a lot of time to think. My thoughts revolved around the nature of God.

Let’s assume for argument sake that God does exist. There is plenty of evidence from nature that he does in fact exist, but I won’t go into those in this column. So, let’s just start with the assumption.

With that as our starting point, we ask the question, what is the nature of God?

Have you ever had that overbearing relative, the parent, brother, or brother-in-law? You go to family reunions after you’ve grown up, and no matter how old or experienced you get, you always have that relative or several of them that are always digging on you, telling you how to live your life, diminishing your capacity, encroaching on your freedom to choose. They always give you unsolicited advice, and after you’ve rolled your eyes for the fifth time, they still go on and on, espousing their philosophy about how you should go forward? “Buy a house! Get out of debt! Get married! Get a better job! Why are you doing that? Don’t you care about your future?” And on and on. It gets annoying, doesn’t it? If you have the capacity, maybe you run away out of town, or maybe even out of state to avoid the constant lectures. That way, you only have to deal with the unsolicited behavior from Uncle Mike on holiday get-togethers. Then it doesn’t get too oppressive and is easier to deal with.

I think a lot of people think that God is that way. His rules are too oppressive, restrictive. If you believe in God then you have to follow his rules and that isn’t any fun. You want to live your life and stretch your wings, find your own sense of fulfillment. You don’t want God looking over your shoulder, like some obscene sky ogre messing everything up. A lot of people I think have this view. There’s a scene in the cult classic series Firefly with main characters Preacher Book and the pirate captain Malcolm Reynolds. Book says something to the effect of, “Everyone loves a preacher!” to which Reynolds says, “No they don’t! Preachers make you feel guilty and judged!” Exactly.

A lot of people are resentful of God and his rules because they resent that relative that is always trying to run their lives. They say that the image of God in people’s minds is driven by their opinion they have of their father and I think to some extent that is true.

But God is not like that. He is quite different. He’s very much like a parent though and he does set down some rules for us when we are young, to keep us safe. He establishes these rules as guild lines so that we more or less follow them in adulthood as a way to live happy lives and keep us out of trouble. A parent establishes bed times and meal times, curfews for teen agers. They establish rules about when we go back in and what time we have to be home. But the rules are always changing, especially as we evolve from children into grown ups. We get more and more freedom to choose for ourselves what we will do, and I think God does the same for us. The basic principles are always there, they just evolve as we get older and more mature. The basic tenants of His law are always with us: don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t lie about a neighbor, don’t be jealous of your neighbor’s stuff. That never changes. But God doesn’t continually nag at you about what you are doing in your day to day life. He isn’t nagging you about taking that job, or investing in a certain way, or marrying the right girl. In otherwords, he’s not like your aunt Milly. Like him, you have free will to choose what you do with your life, within the rules He has set for you. He has established the rules as guidelines for a happy life. Follow them, and you will be happy. Ignore them and you will have to pay the costs. God doesn’t enforce the penalties; the penalties exist all by themselves.

Cheat on your wife, for example, and she will find out. Good luck with that. Three years into the divorce, when you are mad at the ex about custody rules she’s enforced on the kids, and you want them on a certain weekend, a weekend that happens to be hers, reflect on the fact that it’s your own fault that you are here. You declined to follow the rules. Now pay the consequences.

If you embezzle money from your boss, you will eventually get caught. Go ahead and explain to the judge that the rules didn’t apply to you. See how that works out. You’ll be in a small room with bars right across from Bernie Madoff.

Some say the rich and famous don’t pay the same penalties that you would, but they do. In spades. Ever read about celebrity divorces? They are ugly and expensive. Neglected spouses get millions in payouts from their cheater partners and so forth. Politicians are the same way. Look at Anthony Weiner. No don’t, on second thought. He’s gross. But you see what I mean. How about Bill Cosby and OJ Simpson? Sure, their trials came out in their favor, but eventually the consequences do catch up, and it pays a terrible toll. Nobody gets over the consequences.

So really, following the rules God has laid out, only leads to a happier life. Someone explained it to me this way.  Have you ever played a game with someone who doesn’t follow the rules? You hit a shot in, and they call it out. You’re playing the new board game and the rules always seem to come down in their favor? That sucks and eventually you stop playing with them because it’s no longer fun any more. That’s what life is like outside the rules. Eventually, it’s no longer fun.

Finally I think the ultimate consequence of a rebellious life is a Hell we create for ourselves. I don’t think God throws people into Hell so much as they throw themselves into their own version of Hell. Just like I don’t think Lucifer is any kind of a lord of the afterlife. I think he and his angel followers will be banished to a far corner of the universe apart from the warmth of God’s love where they will be forever engaged in a never ending battle of King of the Hill. Everyone scratching and clawing for the brief moment on top. And all of us sinners who reject God will be tossed in with them, for eternal misery. I think of it this way. God is the sun. You bask in his light forever like sunbathers on the beach, surrounded by nice people. Or you can be exiled to the darkest cave of the arctic, left to fend for yourself, surrounded by people who hate each other.

That’s it, that’s my theory about the nature of God. As you can see. It was a very long line at the post office that day, and I had a lot of time to think. What do you think? Leave your comments down below.

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Fans of Radio Personality Tom Ostrom Show Support After Controversy

(A supporter of radio personality Tom Ostrom explains their friendship in a show of support. -video by KROC-Radio)

Supporters of Tom Ostrom show support outside KROC radio station in Rochester Tuesday. -photo by Len Griffith

By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium


On Tuesday morning, fans of local radio host Tom Ostrom gathered outside of the KROC radio station where he takes part in a radio show and demonstrated in support. The group gathered after another group, Progressive Voices of Rochester, threatened to protest the radio station over controversial comments made by the radio show talent. The other group, however, canceled their protest at the last minute.

The controversy started when Ostrom made some comments on air about Muslims, wondering out loud if Muslims advocating Sharia law on college campuses should be considered hate speech. This angered local Muslims and progressives garnering harsh criticism from both groups. Ostrom made an appearance on local TV station KAAL to explain himself. You can watch that full interview here.

When PVOR threatened a protest, local conservatives heard of it and a blast email of support went out calling for a counter protest. The conservatives showed up in force, but the progressives canceled their protest at the last minute. One of the leaders of the group, former State Representative Fran Bradley was there to show support for Ostrom and spoke to the media.

Representatives of PVOR called on Ostrom instead to have a private meeting with them to have a “dialogue” about what he meant about by his comments and promote “understanding”. We think that Ostrom’s comments are pretty clear. We are pro-legal, anti-illegal immigration. If you support western values and are able to integrate your religion and culture peacefully with ours, you are welcome. If you preach hate in your churches, mosques or meeting places, if you promote violence against anyone who is not like you, doesn’t look like you, think like you, worship God as you do, you can pretty much stay away.

The United States was founded on certain principles and we hold those principles as sacred. The freedom of expression and freedom to worship or not to worship as we please is one of the most sacred of those values. You can say what you want, when you want. But if you’re a Nazi, you can get on the stump and preach your rhetoric of hate, but watch out. When you are done, I’m going to get up on the same stump and explain to your audience why you are an idiot. That’s how it works. Everyone gets their say.

A Muslim taking part in a panel on religion and diversity can explain her belief about how non-Muslims should be purged from society for their disbelief, but watch out. If you give those remarks in a public setting here in America, you will be videotaped and the video will be broadcast on YouTube. We will hear of your comments and we will blast you publicly for your irresponsible, intolerant positions. This has happened, by the way. A student journalist did in fact videotape a Muslim talking about Sharia law, and purging people who are non-believers. Oddly enough, the journalist who did so got fired from his student publication for “endangering the safety of a minority student”. What? Why? Huh? I thought this was America? I went to J-school! What are they teaching there these days?

While we don’t promote violence against a student for professing her faith as she interprets it, we also don’t agree with the firing of the student journalist who videotaped the comments and then broadcast them without comment or editorial for all to see. That still is the American way, as far as I know.

Islam has a real problem with integrating with western culture and society. Any group with over a billion participants worldwide should not be treated as a minority group. When you call for Sharia law in the west, people should here in America should be made to understand what that means and what they would require giving up. Sharia law is not compatible with the Constitution of the United States and we will not allow Sharia to usurp our laws and western values. Sorry, not sorry.

Former State Representative Fran Bradley talks to media in support of radio host Tom Ostrom. -photo by Len Griffith


More reading for your consideration:




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5 Reasons why Trump is the leader Obama only hopes to be!

By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

US Vice President Mike Pence (L) and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) applaud as US President Donald J. Trump (C) arrives to deliver his first address to a joint session of Congress from the floor of the House of Representatives in Washington, DC, USA, 28 February 2017. / AFP / POOL / JIM LO SCALZO (Photo credit should read JIM LO SCALZO/AFP/Getty Images)

In this article, I will outline 5 reasons Donald Trump is the leader Barack Obama could only hope to be. Notice that I will not be talking about Hillary Clinton in any great depth. She is so bad, she doesn’t rate high enough to get anything more than a casual mention.

  1. Trump weathers the storm in good times and bad: Donald Trump is a survivor as we can clearly see. In business, which was hard for everybody, Trump weathers the storm where others fail. Sure, he’s had companies in bankruptcy, but he has cut his losses and restructured, coming out ahead at the end of the day. His businesses employ many people in good paying jobs. Barack Obama has never hired a soul for a single job that wasn’t connected to government and paid for by taxes.
  2. Donald Trump is a successful reality TV star who has used his star power to mentor others and create more business. People who did well on the show have done well in business, benefitting from Trump’s tutelage. Obama has mentored no one, and no one around him has created a successful business that didn’t find its primary funding outside of government. Indeed, Obama used government funds to prop up so-called green businesses at the tax payer expense, all of which have failed, costing the taxpayer billions.
  3. Donald Trump is a successful author whose book is a blue print for successful business leaders. Obama’s book is a sad diatribe over race and equality, a fictional account about why he is locked in to the vision of an imaginary father he never knew and can’t relate to. At the end of the day, Barack didn’t even write his book, it was ghost written by Bill Ayers, so there you go, he can’t even claim his own book as an accomplishment.
  4. Barack Obama can’t succeed in anything unless he uses race as a weapon or he’s lying about who he really is. He’s got everything he has under false pretenses or claiming victim hood. Trump meanwhile used a modest initial investment from his father and created a billion dollar business that has proven successful for the long term. He won an election that was rigged against him at every turn, cheer leaded by a media establishment who supported the other candidate and lied about who he is and what he stands for.
  5. Barack Obama is a divider. He’s got the whole country in turmoil with regards to race, religion and gender. His enemies are still his enemies. Trump is a unifier. People who opposed him on his election are now working with him on common goals. He has a diverse staff that includes a woman who ran his campaign, and a brain surgeon who found a half trillion dollar government financing mistake in the first week of office. He’s sent enemies clear messages warning them of consequences of messing with the US, like Syria and North Korea. Illegal immigration rates are down and many criminal illegals are already being deported. He has put in place a conservative Supreme Court Justice and is keeping his campaign promises. Obama only gave lip service to his promises, with very little positive result.

Now let’s make a clear distinction between Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. Hilary is nothing but a 2-time failed candidate. She is by no means the leader off the Democrat party. Barack Obama in contrast is charismatic and active, all of the party’s failures and successes have come about because of him. But there is nothing he has accomplished that cannot be undone by the stroke of Trump’s pen. All of those executive orders he wrote: gone. And as for his signature accomplishment, Obamacare. If it doesn’t collapse under its own weight, which it surely will, it will be replaced by the congress. The Democrat party under defacto leader Barack Obama lies in flaming ruin.

So there you have it, my five top reasons Trump is the leader Obama only hopes he could be. Let me know if you think I am all wet. People praising me on being right are welcome too. Comment below.

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5 Things I would want to accomplish if I was elected to state office.

By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

Jeremy Griffith, the creator of The American Millennium Online.

I was sitting at home thinking about my situation in life and being generally pissed about it, and as a result, I came up with 5 things I would do if I ever was lucky enough to get elected to the Minnesota State Legislature. Here they are.

  1. Eliminate speed limits: speed limit laws are ridiculous. No one enforces them, cops have better things to do with their time, like tamping down on violent crime and public safety. Speed traps are used for one purpose only, generate funds not in the budget for state and local governments. Frugal local governments should solve their budget problems through spending cuts and conservative vision. They should not have the power to utilize law enforcement to pick up budgetary shortfalls by generating revenue through tickets. Instead, if you are a moron, and you are driving like a maniac, the officer should be able to pull you over and you can be charged with a misdemeanor reckless endangerment to public safety, which includes a huge fine and That would take care of the jerks who swerve in and out of traffic, tailgate and make a nuisance of themselves.
  2. Eliminate drunk driving laws: also ridiculous. DUI laws are based on an arbitrary number, at this time .08 blood alcohol content. This is an arbitrary number as alcohol affects people in different ways. A 110 girl that has one drink is going to be affected much more by alcohol than a heavier male because of volume of alcohol compared to your weight. If you are a moron who drinks and drives, an officer will see that you are impaired and make observations on camera to show you are impaired in your driving and on a field sobriety test. The same law should apply, reckless endangerment to public safety. Also, there are drugs out there that there is no test for, so the breathalyzer is obsolete anyway. Drivers stupid enough to get two occurrences of reckless endangerment, because of drugs, alcohol or aggressive driving should permanently lose their license. In the age of Lyft and Uber, no one need worry that they don’t have transportation to get to work. This law would also put people out of business who bilk the government on those stupid breathalyzer locks on your car that people are always dreaming up ways to cheat. Create products the people want and need, not stuff the government will by with money they don’t have.
  3. Eliminate fraud in the college text book sale market: people are selling books to college students at outrageous prices. You can’t tell me text books cost so much to produce that you have to sell them for hundreds of dollars. No book is worth that much. Oh, you can sell your book back when you are done, at an extremely discounted rate, so you are still out a boat load of money. This is a scam to take advantage of the poor college student who just want to study and get a job. A text book can be edited with a power point slide indicating major changes to information. Minor changes aren’t even worthy of note, and a college instructor can amend those in lecture on their own. Anyway, why are we making students carry all those heavy books. Text books should be covered in the price of tuition and issued digitally on a laptop or digital tablet rented out to the student, with the textbooks loaded onto it. One device, no heavy books. No greedy authors taking advantage of poor college students. You’re welcome.
  4. Open up colleges and universities to law suits for students who can’t find a job in their field after four years of good faith effort: I have a masters in journalism. Can’t find a job to save my life. I should be able to sue my institution for failing to help me find a job. Instead, the institution should pay for retraining in a job that actually exists. That will eliminate all of the foolish study programs like gender studies and social justice bull crap that won’t ever lead to a job. Instead, employers should be open to train people off the street in journeyman type internships for jobs that actually exist. If they fail to make the grade, they go to the next employer and the next, until they find a job they have aptitude for. That’s how you get to full employment. Universities and colleges are dumb and have left students with huge debts they can’t pay to save their lives.
  5. Disband the IRS: the IRS is dumb. They can seize your money in your bank if you make deposits of less than $10,000. What right to they have to do that? It looks suspicious because you have money. What is suspicious is the government can just reach into the bank account and take your hard-earned money the same as any common identity thief. Taxes should be garnered from the things that you buy, not the money you earn. That way everyone pays their fair share. Sales tax is a progressive tax. The poor can’t afford to buy a lot, so they buy fewer items and they pay fewer taxes. The rich and middle class buy more, and the taxes they pay are commensurate with their income. Now the IRS can’t target you for your political leanings and can’t seize cash that isn’t theirs, can’t garner wages if you made the unhelpful mistake of choosing an expensive college program that doesn’t lead to an actual job worthy of repaying the outrageous loans you took out. Done.

These are just a few of my top five things I would do if I worked for the legislature. You say: the IRS is a federal government program dummy, how are states going to eliminate that? The states are not subordinate government agencies to the federal government, they’re just more local. By doing away with state income tax and imposing a state sales tax, they alleviate the tax burden. Also, a convention of states can be helpful in removing federal programs by constitutional amendment like the IRS that have proven to be abusive to citizens of the United States.

I don’t have any illusions that I can win an election of course. Elections take lots of money and I don’t have a dime. If I knew of a really popular guy or gal who could generate interest and funds, these are some of the principles I would like him or her to have. These are just my random thoughts. You’re welcome.

Bonus item, Universal Concealed Carry: law abiding hunters should have to submit to a background check and attend a safety class. The same should be true of hand gun owners. Submit to your county sheriff’s office for a background check and pay a fee. Take a class. Carry your gun. Done. Gun licenses in one state should be legal in every state. In addition, if you have contact with law enforcement because you are a dangerously deranged individual and the contact results in a mental commitment, a trained psychologist or psychiatrist can put a temporary hold on your right to carry a weapon. If you attempt to purchase a weapon, the gun store clerk calls the state to confirm your rights have not been removed. They will discover you are under a temporary hold and will deny purchase. Mental patients in good standing with their treatment requirements can petition a judge to have their gun rights returned. Ta da.

What are your thoughts? Am I out in left field or what? What laws would you pass if you were a legislator?

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Through the Red Door: my weekend journey to explore communist bookstores and tattoo shops in Minneapolis

Opening the red door and stepping through I felt like I was like Alice falling into the rabbit hole. -Jeremy Griffith

By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium


So I was invited to do some exploration of the Minneapolis area recently by a close, close friend who was curious about finding out more about a socialist/communist enclave there. Apparently, where he lives he is seeing people with Russian Spetznaz tattoos and his curiosity was piqued. So was mine and I agreed to take a look.

It should be noted that this friend lives far, far from the Minneapolis area, so I was invited to investigate. He didn’t know much. All he knew was there was a communist bookstore in town and around a corner was a tattoo place where people indulged in getting the Spetsnaz tattoos. Spetsnaz are the Russian version of special forces operators and getting the tattoos I guess is a sign of support for anything communist or socialist. I don’t know why anyone who hasn’t served would want a military tattoo, let alone a special forces tattoo. If I suddenly decided to sport a SEAL tattoo, I think Karma would serve me and a real Navy operator would find out and kick my ass, and I would deserve the beating.  While I didn’t find evidence for the tattoos, I did find a book store or two that met the description of the starting point of where I was looking.

Apparently over on Cedar Avenue not far from the University of Minnesota campus there is a bookstore in the basement of a business complex that sells communist literature and propaganda. It’s called May Day books, presumably for the First of May celebration of the birth of Communism in Soviet Russia. They have a parade every year.  On street level at that building there are a number of businesses that rich hippy kids going to school would love to browse, an expensive bike store and a Mountaineering gear supply store complete with a climbing wall training area. All of the businesses on the main floor are connected and you can walk from one to the other. Except for the bookstore. That you had to access through a side exterior staircase that led into a dingy basement. A huge painted logo on the side of the building with yellow paint and bold letters announces progressive books are sold below.

Following down where the arrows point, you find the stair case with a bright red railing leading you down. At the bottom of the stairs is a red door, as red as can be, and through the door is May Day books. I felt like Alice in Wonderland falling through the rabbit hole. I opened the door and stepped inside. I would not have been surprised to see the Mad Hatter.

It’s a quaint little shop with shelves on every wall. It contains only one room and very well could be the meeting place for a failed Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters in that area. At the front door to the right is a rack of communist and socialist literature, most of it not terribly current. The election of Donald Trump has taken a bit of the wind out of young progressive sails, apparently, and nobody has the energy to write anything fresh. I started to browse. A store keeper was nowhere to be seen.

I normally love book stores and I have to say, while I would probably not purchase a lot of what the store had to offer, the titles and subject matter intrigued me. Here was a bastion of liberal and progressive thought, ground zero for the enemy’s propaganda and information operations campaign. This was it and I wanted to dive in and see what the left was saying about my beloved capitalist system and free markets.

A sign above the counter announced that the store hadn’t made a profit since its establishment in 1975, the year it was established. Not something most businesses would care to brag about. I started to look around. There was a lot of anti-capitalist tomes available and one even had the title, or something close to it, “Capitalism sucks and here are 10 top reasons why!”

I found one or two books that would be fascinating reading, no matter the content. One was, “Bible stories for the Atheist” and there was another on a female Palestinian hero who fought against alleged Israeli aggression. There was a lot of anti-Semitic propaganda books, a little on so-called Islamaphobia. There was a lot on the Vietnam war and some on the most recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of these decried the evils of American Imperialism squashing ancient Middle Eastern cultures to steal oil, or something like that. Any one of these stories would have been an interesting read. There was a whole wall of shelves committed to Malcom X. Interesting.

A store keeper came in eventually from a cave at the back of the store, greeting us politely. He was an older man with a crooked, painful looking twisted leg. He had me pegged as an old soldier at once, there was no hiding from him, even though I’d started to grow my hair longer. He was a communist, not an idiot. He asked me if I’d been in the service and I said yes. He informed me that he had been at Hue (pronounced Way, Vietnamese, I know right?) He asked me about what I thought about the current situation in Syria. I was non-committal, avoiding displaying my true feelings and talking about Trump.

“I think it’s a powder keg and it has always been a powder keg,” I said, and I left it at that. On the way out of the store the guy behind the counter gave me a leaflet on a veterans for peace organization. I accepted it politely and left. I was proud of myself that I actually made it out of a bookstore without buying a book. That rarely happens.

May Day Books. You’ll find old hippies hanging out there. The young hippies go upstairs and buy adventure gear.

My wife and I went upstairs and looked at bikes and canoes, many too expensive for me to afford right now. I appreciated the irony. Maybe I miss my guess, but the guy’s rent in the basement doesn’t pay for the building, the budding capitalists upstairs more than provide for rent and jobs and revenue for the whole block. There were some nice items there for young rich kids to buy with their monthly allotment from their wealthy parents. There was even a climbing wall in the mountaineering portion. Very cool. My hands sweated just thinking about it. I am not much of a climber.

We left that establishment and found another communist museum to a failed ideology. Boneshaker Books in the Seward neighborhood was our next destination. True to its reputation, they had a lot of books not often found in other places. They got me for about $40 for only two books. There was an Asian gentleman around the counter managing the place, and a young Caucasian woman eating some organic dish right in the middle of the store largely ignoring my wife and I. It’s a good thing we found the place because we hadn’t stopped all day and my wife and I both had to use the bathroom. (One of the bathrooms at the store was down, but the one we saw that still functioned was clean and well-kept.) It was either that or the laundromat down the street which my little Asian wife patently refused to use.

Boneshaker Books. The new progressives like a shinier package for their socialist and communist media options.

Boneshaker Books is a little bigger than May Day and has a tiny collection of rare books and art. On the door is a sign decrying their need to love diversity, being good liberals that they are, that read: “We embrace our Muslim brothers and sisters. All are welcome! Stop Islamaphobia!” I wonder if the bookseller would be as welcoming if they knew I was a diehard conservative with libertarian leanings? My wife and I didn’t fail to notice that there were definitely Somali and Muslim influences in the neighborhood. We entered a grey stucco building covered with elaborate vines and we were not disappointed. I put several books back on the shelves not for wanting to have them, but just to preserve my hard-earned cash. I have too many books as it is.

Off one corridor was a conference room where it appears they had meetings where young liberals talked about whatever young liberals talk about. I didn’t see a sign for the Hillary Clinton Election Failure support group, but I didn’t look that hard. I imagine some of that is going on. To one side close to the entrance I saw a rack of propaganda almost exactly like the one at May Day. Apparently, they’re on the same distribution list. I didn’t take anything this time. On the walls above the books were several drawings by local artists for sale, many of them very nicely done. One thing liberals often do better than we conservatives is art, literature, and poetry. They’re wired that way and they are very good story-tellers. Unfortunately, much of the stories they tell are fantasy fiction. It doesn’t work in real life. But, looking at the art and pursuing the books, I couldn’t help being impressed. I put several books back which I would normally have been very interested in, like history, war, insurgency and that sort of thing. There was a copy of 1984 and Upton Sinclair’s Jungle, which I thought was interesting. (All of these young kids should actually read 1984 rather than just stock it on shelves, but I digress.)

I actually picked up two titles that I hadn’t heard of before. One was a graphic novel called “Pride of Baghdad” by Brian Vaughan and Niko Henrichon. It’s the story based loosely on a true event that happened in Baghdad during the 2003 invasion to oust Saddam Hussein. Apparently, we bombed a zoo, the lions got out, and we shot the lions. End of story. I didn’t care much for the dialogue, but the art of the panels and the premise of the story were intriguing. I give it a 7 on a scale of 1-10.

One of my favorite panels in the graphic novel “Pride of Baghdad”. The story idea of this book is intriguing, the art panels are excellent, the dialogue is kind of lame. I give it a 7 out of 10! -Jeremy Griffith

The other one I picked up was called, “Narco-Economics, How to Run a Drug Cartel” by Tom Wainwright. I think it will make an interesting read and will go along with my binge TV watching of Breaking Bad on Netflix. In my mind, I think it will provide some information for research I’m doing on another story line I’m working on. Wait and see. It’s written by a guy who apparently has done journalistic work for The Economist in their Mexico City office, as well as for the Guardian, the Times and Literary review. I’ll let you know how it is.

I made my purchases at the counter and the store keeper offered us free buttons. “Fuck Trump” they said. That’s why they were free, nobody would take them. My wife and I politely declined and left the building.

An unintentionally funny panel in the graphic novel “Pride of Baghdad”. Instead of generating sorrow, it’s good for a laugh. I imagine this is what happened to progressives who found out Trump won the presidency. First they become incoherent, then their heads explode.

The next stop on our journey was a little shop around the corner, at Tattoo establishment. A tall thin man with ink and piercings came out from the other room. I think we largely wasted our his time, for which I apologize. It was evident to him from the beginning we weren’t interested in getting tattoos, we didn’t seem the type. I was much more interested in seeing if he had any evidence that that was the store where the Spetznaz tattoos came from. I asked a couple of questions about art and pricing, which he politely indulged, and then we left him to his real customers. I was impressed with the artwork that he had on display. If the actual tattoos look anything like the art displayed on the walls, then the workers really know their business.

The rest of the day my wife and I spent shopping at Asian groceries in Minneapolis and St. Paul. My wife is Filipino and once a month I indulger her in her quest for seafood. There are a couple of nice shops that are usually well stocked, but this time were not. Must be a bad time of the year for sea fish? We visited Shaung Hur off of University Avenue which had nothing, so we migrated to the store of the same name off of Nicolette. There we actually did get some fish and shrimp, which made my wife extremely happy. My wife pointed out a weird looking fruit she likes called Durian. It looks like a big, green, spiky alien head. I imagined that if you cut it open, an alien baby would pop out and eat your head like in the classic horror movie, Aliens. They make a Durian drink like a milk shake that is actually a very sweat, white frothy concoction with a green aftertaste. My wife and I stopped around the corner to try one at a little Vietnamese kitchen. Then we went over to a Mexican restaurant next door and had lunch. It was expensive, but the food was good. I had a Cerveza Dos Eqius, which is uncharacteristic for me. I usually don’t drink beer in the middle of the day.  

At the end of the day, I was struck by the oddity and contrast of our little mission to Minneapolis. So many contradictions. Communists decry the horror and unfairness of capitalism, but all around them capitalism thrives, the mountain bike store, the Mexican and Vietnamese restaurants, the Filipino and Asian food stores, all of them thrive because of free markets. Even the communist and socialist books stores thrive from the free market place of ideas. Some would say that their goal is to shut down the debate of competing ideas. I am a free speech guy. Let them try to spread their failed ideology. They can forever be a case study in the museum of wrong thinking. I agree with Sean Connery who said in a movie once that we should be reading books rather than burning them. How else do we challenge our closely held beliefs?

The communists didn’t win me over, and I didn’t win over any of them. But I had a good time exploring enemy territory. Too bad there aren’t any conservative bookstores in that neighborhood. 

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Is Genesis History? Movie Review

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

Del Tackett (right) interviews Dr. Danny Faulkner, PhD, for the movie Is Genesis History.

Blink and you might have missed it, but this week and last week there were limited showings of the new pro-creation vs. evolution film, Is Genesis History? staring Del Tackett, which appeared in theaters across the country. In this independent film, Tackett interviews PhD level scientists who hold a strong creationist view about their opinions of the Genesis Biblical account and how the physical earth evidence shows that the Global Flood appearing in the Bible could have happened. 

Professionally shot with scenic locations around the world, Tackett creates a narrative, backed up by scientists, that Genesis is a historical account that can be backed up by physical evidence in geology, archaeology, astronomy, language, and history. It was enjoyable to watch the arguments, and anecdotally, in the second showing of the film I attended in Rochester Minnesota, the theater was packed with movie goers of all ages. 

I liked it, and so did most of those who saw it. Rotten Tomatoes, who doesn’t have any professional critique of the movie as yet, does say that 70 percent of movie goers who saw it report that they liked it. You can see some of the movie goer commentary here

I’ve often felt that the theory of evolution and secular science instruction has killed the faith of a lot of young people attending high school and college. This movie seems to be an attempt at mitigating the damage and bringing young people back to faith. It does a good job with the arguments it makes. I can’t wait until the show comes out in DVD so I can show my family and my church. 

The movie is not without resistance though. Hard core atheists and the secular science community probably won’t be jumping of their chairs and exclaiming, “you’re right! We’ve got it all wrong!” But, this movie is a good beginning to the discussion for people who are on the fence. 

Speaking of fence sitters: Bio Logos, a group of scientists who hold onto a christian world view, but refuse to totally reject the theory of evolution, wrote a critique of the movie in the latest blog by Mike Beidler. Beidler argues that only two of the now well known arguments are presented in the movie. A third world view, that which attempts a middle ground between the Bible’s literal interpretation and evolutionary theory, is not included in the discussion and is totally dismissed. He says that those who study science don’t have to reject either evolution instruction or their faith, there is a third way. He criticizes Tackett’s film by not presenting a third world view in the body of the movie and talking deceptively and dismissively in a round table discussion following the movie. Beidler stops short of giving a blow by blow rebuttal of the evidence presented in the movie, but says that an understanding and acceptance of evolution doesn’t need to endanger faith. You can read the entire blog at the Bio Logos website here

There’s apparently no love lost between the folks that made the Tackett movie and the folks over at Bio Logos. In a blog written a couple of years ago on the Answers In Genesis website, author John UpChurch states that Bio Logos is dangerous because they put people on a shaky middle ground that endangers their faith. The blog was written too early to comment on the Tackett move, but apparently the Bio Logos people and the Answers In Genesis people have a long history, and don’t get along well. You can read UpChurch’s blog post here

While it is true that Tackett does not present this view in his movie, we don’t think he should have to. After all, a Chevy dealer shouldn’t be forced to give praise to the Ford company, do you think? Bio Logos seems well equipped to make their own arguments on their own platforms. It would be interesting to see people from the two groups debate, however. 

I recommend this movie for parents, uncles and aunts, and grandparents to drag their millennial kids to see. It’s not oppressive in it’s presentation and it offers another look into different perspectives not seen in public schools and institutions today. It doesn’t get to down in the weeds either, so the kids won’t be rolling their eyes and falling asleep as they drown in scientific minutia. Overall I give this film an 8 out of 10. I look forward to seeing a DVD and other supporting materials coming out in the near future. 


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Trump Derangement Syndrome Will Seriously Kill the Democrat Party

US Vice President Mike Pence (L) and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) applaud as US President Donald J. Trump (C) arrives to deliver his first address to a joint session of Congress from the floor of the House of Representatives in Washington, DC, USA, 28 February 2017. / AFP / POOL / JIM LO SCALZO (Photo credit should read JIM LO SCALZO/AFP/Getty Images)

By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium


If you like pomp and circumstance, political theater and what not, then you had two television choices this week; watch the Oscars where you get movie stars lecturing regular people about their pet political issues, or watch a reality TV star turned President of the United States lecture the whole country about pet political issues. Either way, the choice you make tells a lot about you.


I skipped the actors and watched the politician and I was dully impressed and surprised. I like many observers was not expecting Donald Trump to do well in this venue and he nailed it. The speech was uplifting, motivational, hopeful and almost completely devoid of political harassment of those on the other side of the political aisle. Apparently Trump’s handlers won in convincing him to take a more conciliatory tone and it worked. Trump did not look like the monster everyone has been portraying him as, and many, even critics in the hard-nosed press admitted that he looked very presidential.

Which gets me to this observation: what the hell was up with the Democrats in the Hall? Most if not all Democrat women wore white in honor of the women’s suffrage movement. They know, don’t they that women in this country have been able to vote for some time now right? Did the Donald say expressly in his campaign or other speeches that he was planning on getting rid of the women’s vote? Did I miss something? And what was that about when some of them failed to stand up and applaud for the widow of a fallen Navy SEAL? They know what that looks like on TV right?

Indeed, the Democrats in attendance at the speech proved to be the most boorish, self-centered and deranged people on the planet, pretty hard to achieve since we have Hollywood. But there it is. People can see the derangement syndrome come over the hard left politicians and actors and it seriously will kill the party if they’re not careful.

I didn’t hear anything in the speech that I hadn’t heard from any other politician, including what I’ve heard from The Philippines. In fact, if anything I think President Trump stole significant portions of President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech where both men promised to fix vital infrastructure and fight illegal drugs. (The difference between the Philippines and the US is that the little Asian archipelago is bleeding talent and the United States is taking it in.) Donald Trump’s many promises are very similar to many of the promises we’ve heard in the past, with a little bit different flavor, he’s going to fix health care, he’s going to build the wall, he’s going to protect us against criminal illegal aliens who murder and rape inside our borders, he’s going to fight and destroy Isis, all good things. I understand that from a political perspective the Dems won’t stand for every promise, but they certainly could stand and clap for some of it. After all, who thinks our roads and bridges are in good shape? I’m from Minnesota. Bridges fall down here.

President Trump’s acknowledgement of a disabled girl kept alive by a medical miracle is a huge show of compassion on his part and that alone would have been enough to humanize him for those watching. But then he doubled down when he also acknowledged the widow of fallen Navy SEAL warfighter Ryan Owens who was tragically killed in a fateful raid in Yemen last month. The value of that particular raid is in question and I understand the parents of this fallen hero are pretty steamed at the president for comments he made earlier about Gold Star families who have made appearances for the Democrats, but the acknowledgement and praise the president had for this man and his poor wife was emotional and sympathetic and a very good move on the president’s part.


Democrats reach back to the political crypt back to former KY Governor Steve Beshear for the Democratic response to President Trump’s speech Tuesday night. The image of the aging governor in a greasy spoon restaurant with a mostly white crowd gathered round looked weird and out of touch.

Several commentators on TV notably commented that Donald Trump became the President of the United States with this speech, including Van Jones, Mike Wallace and Glenn Beck and I think they’re right. I also thing that the president helped himself greatly and is not going away, no matter how angry and deranged the left is about it. In fact, their response to the speech was weird and disconnected, trotting out the retired 101-year old Governor of Kentucky for the Democratic response speech and having him speak from what looked like a greasy spoon café in small town America was so weird that it not only didn’t help their cause, it actually made them look rather goofy and out of touch. Perhaps they thought, ‘Hell, Governor Beshear hasn’t got a political future to risk, have him give the speech. What harm can it do?’ A lot. It would probably have been better if they’re had been no response.


At the end of the day my analysis is this: Trump is the big winner on this deal, HUGE! If he keeps this momentum, he’ll have a good four years and might even win a second term. He’s good at sabotaging himself on Twitter however so we’ll just have to wait and see. Big losers: the democrats who sat on their hands and looked like sourpusses and poor-sports. If they don’t find a cohesive message, then they’ll go the way of the Blue-Footed Booby, extinction! But, politics is like weather in Minnesota, if you wait long enough, it will change. We’ll see.

Big winner of the night, Donald J. Trump.



The fate of Democrat party if they’re not careful; isolation, irrelevance, extinction.

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Crowds Pack College Theater as Congressman Tim Walz Makes Rare Town Hall Appearance

Tim Walz makes a rare public town hall meeting in Rochester’s RCTC Charles E. Hill Theater Thursday. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online

Congressman Tim Walz-D, CD1 of Minnesota, looking dapper and hip in blue jeans, brown leather shoes, button-down shirt and blue blazer, met with constituents in a rare town hall meeting on Thursday in the Rochester Community and Technical College’s Charles E. Hill Theater.

It was rare because Walz, who won back his seat in the House of Representatives by the narrowest of margins last election cycle, rarely meets with the regular public, only donors. But this was different and the glib and professional looking Walz helped himself greatly in the effort.

There were a lot of issues discussed at the town hall, which was packed to standing room only at the edges where Walz made a brief statement in the beginning before answering questions from the audience non-stop for two and half hours. The subject matter of the town hall ranged widely from the disputed fate of the failing Affordable Health Care Act, to National Security and Immigration. But there was one big take away.

Walz will not rule out a run for the Governorship of Minnesota.

A lady in the crowd asked the Congressman if he would run, eliciting his response. Many of the crowd showed their opposition of such a move, preferring him to remain in his current position. Still, there was a lot of applause as well when the Congressman said he would not rule it out. That applause may be indicative that a win for Walz in a governor’s race is at least possible.

Governor Mark Dayton, the incumbent, will be through with his latest term in two years and is not expected to run again. Dayton has been struggling with cancer and had a scary moment at his latest State of the State address when he passed out briefly at the end of his speech.

Running for Governor instead of his old seat in the congress may be a good move for Walz considering the slim victory he had over Republican challenger Jim Hagedorn the last time. Hagedorn is an able campaigner and has run against the incumbent twice before. With the unpopularity of the ACA and Walz’s liberal stances in a largely conservative district, three times might be the charm for Hagedorn. Conversely, Walz might make a much better showing in the statewide race especially factoring in blue areas including the Twin Cities Metro area, Rochester, Duluth and the Iron Range areas.

While Walz has said he won’t rule out such a campaign, he has not acknowledged a desire to run and it isn’t a sure thing. We’ll just have to see.

Congressman Tim Walz answers questions from the public during a town hall meeting in Rochester Thursday. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Meanwhile, in the two and a half hours Walz spoke to constituents, several things became clear:

1. There is a lot of concern about ACA and medical coverage in general and the ACA has failed to meet the expectations of the voters in meeting its promises of lowering costs, increasing coverage, and increasing or maintaining choice. Indeed the opposite is true for many, which the congressman freely acknowledged.

2. People are concerned about immigration, especially of refugees from areas of concern named in the travel ban enacted by the Trump administration and challenged in the courts. Walz acknowledged those fears saying that national security concerns are a real issue, but stopped short thereafter, saying that it was wrong to demonize an entire sector of people, namely Muslims, who worship differently and have different cultural practices.

3. Walz would like the public to believe that health care is a journey and not a destination. He says he would like to see an ACA fix rather than an out and out repeal. Indeed he joked about a repeal and replace that came back on November 9, after an election cycle where it can do little damage to politicians struggling to win in elections, a common tactic used several times by the Obama administration. Many don’t think this is a terribly funny joke as their health care insurance provided in part by their employers have been cancelled and not replaced. Many others feel tied to their jobs when other opportunities avail themselves, because the coverage at a new employer may not be as good as what they have in their current job. Still many others have not gotten insurance, despite tax penaties, because they are healthy and don’t have jobs that will allow them to afford the coverage and high deductibles.

4. People are concerned about their privacy considering the knowledge that the government has the technology to spy on their telephonic conversations and internet usage. One attendee commented to the congressman that while privacy is important, the idea that a sitting National Security Advisor having his private phone conversations listened to and recorded shows the nation’s enemies what our capabilities are. NS Advisor Lieutenant General Michael Flynn was recently allowed to resign his new post after it became clear that he was having phone conversations with Russia prior to the election.

One question that seemed to take the discussion on a completely different tangent was the concern of one attendee who was against the so-called militarization of police forces. He son was on the local police force and was a current member of a SWAT or tactical team. Walz allowed that seeing officers in heavy gear and uparmored vehicles created a tension between cops and the community, but also said he favored legislation that provided equipment for local officers to be well protected in the execution of their very dangerous and hazardous duties of protecting the public.

In Walz’s appearance Thursday, he seemed to be very adept at playing both sides against the middle. Nothing he said in the meeting seemed to be outrageously right or left. If you’re a national security guy, you might be lead to believe that Walz is as worried as you. But then he denounces efforts by the Trump administration in carrying out his duties as commander in chief by temporarily banning refugees from Muslim minority countries of concern also black listed under the Obama administration. If you were for the ACA, you might believe that Walz is for improving it and are worried that Republicans will throw it in the trash. If you thing the ACA is a failure, you might get a sense that Walz is actually for a fix that might actually just be repeal and replace.

In essence, Walz was soft on specifics when it came to individual policy decisions that he would support or oppose, only indicating that he didn’t want to “diminish anyone’s concerns”.

When asked if he supported the continued federal funding of abortion provider Planned Parenthood, for example, Walz simply said “yes” and left it at that. There was no discussion of how Walz felt about the realization that P&P was actually selling the body parts of aborted fetuses for profit to medical research companies and whether or not he felt that practices was wrong and the practitioners prosecuted.

If you were looking for a kill stroke that showed Walz as a radical leftist as his voting record seems to indicate, you didn’t see it in this public appearance. What you did see is the slow acknowledgement that the Obama administration’s chief accomplishment, the ACA, is not living up to expectations and desperately needs to be fixed, repealed or replaced. Walz’s support of the law is likely the chief reason he nearly lost the last election round and why he should probably seek another office where his chances are better.

Watch a video of highlights of the town hall meeting below.


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Real Journalism: The Unreported World now Available on Netflix

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millenniuim

Journalist Kiki King of Unreported World with freedom fighters in Kobani, Syria. – photo credit Unreported World

The camera viewfinder pans over her and you catch a glimpse of a running girl in body armor and blue kevlar helmet, but then her image is gone again; replaced by sky, debris in the streets, sky again, a devastated city with an explosion in the far distance. British reporter Kiki King is in the Syrian town of Kobani with her producer and cameraman covering the ongoing war between Kurdish Freedom Fighters and Isis. They’re running across a dangerous road as snipers attempt to engage them, which is why the camera has such trouble focusing on the action. This is British TV Channel 4’s debut on Netflix of the journalistic public affairs program, Unreported World, which appeared this month.

The TV show Unreported World has been a staple of British TV since 2000, but with the advent of streaming channels and a desire to get away from Fake News and into more entertaining and engaging journalistic efforts Netflix has adopted a season of 8 episodes, each lasting 24 minutes apiece. The first of these episodes is the one described above, called The City That Beat Isis. In the 24 minute episode, King and her cameraman talk with fighters in the besieged city of Kobani as they try to liberate it from Isis. There isn’t much of the sprawling town to save, much of it is in ruin, destroyed by war and coalition air strikes aimed at dislodging terrorists. You can see distant explosions, coalition aircraft circling overhead leaving long white chemtrails, bodies in the streets, and broken buildings. You can see the fear in King’s face as she plods along in her reporting, giving the blow by blow of what is happening in the contest over the city. The crack of bullets can be heard in the background as she reports. At one point, a rocket lands very near her, and the camera falters again as the camera operator seeks cover. “That was very close,” King says, very deadpan and British.

After watching three of these episodes, I’m hooked. As a journalism junkie, I’m enthralled by good reporting and this new series, while being very old, is actually new to America and it has a lot of variety. News junkies like me will dig it. It’s very much in the vein of Vice News and Vox, very edgy with real content from areas of the world often neglected by the mainstream media. The second episode in the season shifted to America where another female Brit takes a look at young rodeo participants in the American south, some of the contestants are as young as 8 and 9 years old and their parents allow them to participate in dangerous sport more traumatic on the body often times than pro-football in the NFL. The episode is entitled, America’s Cowboy Kids.

The kids are typical southern kids, very respectful of the reporter interviewing them. “Yes, Ma’am!” and “No, Ma’am!” are often their replies to the reporter’s questions as they describe why they love their sport and how they struggle through the inevitable injuries and disappointments that come with it. The families involved are very religious, and you see them praying before competition. You can feel a lump in your throat as you see young kids in full protective gear get on to a bucking steer in a shoot and prepare to ride it for a full eight seconds, exactly like the highly paid professional bull riders they idolize. The parents are looking on. The gate opens and the enraged animal explodes into the open arena, attempting mightily to dislodge its rider, which doesn’t take long. There’s a tense moment where the child continues to ride, sliding off precariously to the side as the steer prances and spins. Then the child falls off, and a sharp hoof comes down hard, dangerously close to the child’s body. The rodeo clowns distract the animal and pull it away. The boy gets up from underneath, and runs to the side of the arena and climes the fence. He’s ok.

I really get the sense that the reporters and producers of this series really have their fingers on the pulse of the world and show stories with real drama and impact. Every episode follows a similar pattern, but the formula doesn’t diminish the show, because the stories are so interesting. A very professional looking man in a finely tailored gray suit, introduces the show at the beginning before tossing over to the reporter in the field. There the storytellers take the viewer of the guided tour of the land, issue and concept they are reporting on.

In episode 3 we are in Zimbabwe where a young hip looking black man with dreadlocks is covering non-traditional journalism/comedy critical of that nation’s longstanding and brutish dictator, Robert Mugabe. Reporter Seyi Rhodes introduces the viewer to a group of friends, white and black, who work together to produce edgy comedy and journalism criticizing Zimbabwe’s leader Mugabe. Collectively this group calls themselves Zembizi News, and their brave comedic efforts brazenly attacks the dictator and his yes-man state-run media. The dictator recently tripped on a rug at a political event and pictures of his fall have gone viral, giving these internet rebels a lot of material. Through Rhodes’s reporting we can see how dangerous it is for these talented comedians to be calling out their government. While it would be only natural for a comedy show in the United States to parody a politician, in Zimbabwe, it can be very dangerous and even lethal. Comedy takes courage in Africa.

Eight episodes of this series will not be enough for journalism connoisseurs like me. Netflix, please add more of this series and quickly. Even back dated issues are good. The ones appearing now are already two years old. I predict that Netflix will order more episodes which will be consumed quickly. I the meantime, there’s always You Tube. I have to see the next episode.

You can see a full episode of the report from Zimbabwe from Unreported World’s You Tube Channel here: https://youtu.be/g1wTucQlj9s


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Tucker Carlson Brutalizes Jose Vargus on Immigration

By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

Tucker Carlson and journalist Jose Vargus have a heated argument over Donald Trump’s new temporary travel ban. -image from Fox News

Jose Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and undocumented alien, went on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox last night to talk about Donald Trump’s immigration program, and the results were brutal as Tucker laid into the Filipino immigrant over his illegal status. 

You can watch the whole conversation on Fox above. It is easy to see here why Carlson’s ratings are through the roof as he takes Vargus to task on immigration. Over the weekend, because of a faulty rollout of a temporary moratorium of seven countries deemed too dangerous to allow immigrants from, airports around the country were clogged with protesters angry about people being denied access to the country. Many people, including green card holders were stopped and detained as their statues was verified. 

President Donald Trump announced through executive order that there was a temporary ban on travelers from seven failed states, mostly in Muslim majority areas, where it was deemed too dangerous to allow people into the country. Nations included on the list include, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan. 

Unarguably, the implementation of this travel ban was anything but smooth. But, the United States does have borders and does have the right to limit travel when national security is at state, a fact Carlson establishes in the interview with Vargus. 

In their conversation, Vargus asked the deeper question about why it is that people are coming into the country in the first place and he’s not wrong to ask that question. It’s not hard to answer and though he has difficulty making is point, when he finally gets around to making it, the point is valid. The United States has always had an appetite for cheap labor. Immigrants sick of eating garbage in their own home countries risk becoming illegal aliens by jumping the border and finding work here. This immigration is fueled by weak willed politicians who want to have votes from these undocumented aliens come election time and who refuse to go after the companies that use the labor of these people. As a result, the United States victimizes these people, creating a secondary slavery where people too desperate not to come are forced over the border in search for a better life. 

The Philippines, which the US has a longstanding relationship, is no exception. That country has no shortage of skilled labor, but a lack of good jobs, which forces many to leave their homeland and seek employment elsewhere. Families are split apart, months, maybe years at a time as family members find work in far-flung areas like Canada, The  US, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Italy, etc. My wife, a Filipino immigrant, has relatives in all of these places. Family ties are stretched thin as family members spend long stretches of time apart. 

Meanwhile, journalist Jose Vargus flaunts his illegal status as he criticizes the American System that allowed him to have so much success. Vargus has had plenty of time to solidify his status in this country legally and he refuses to do it. He should take his journalism skills home with him, where he can do an in depth documentary on the President Duterte’s war on drugs, or he could make a film on the tragedy of homeless Filipinos still digging through garbage for food to survive. I recently downloaded a Filipino news channel on Roku and was shocked as I watched a short video on the problem. 

Bottom line is this. Tucker is right when he confronts Vargus with his opening question. How would the Philippines feel if people illegally occupied that country and took jobs away from local nationals in the midst of an economic downturn and labor glut. I don’t think President Rodrigo Duturte, who has been clear in his disdain for the United States, would play that game, and illegals would be immediately deported. 

The Nations of Europe have flung open the doors to immigration from Muslim majority countries, and the citizens there have soon regretted it. Large communities of Sharia observant men who refuse to integrate cause many problems for the locals. Crime is at an all time high and gun sales are through the roof as Europeans seek ways to defend themselves by means they never had the right to before. If the United States is to avoid the problems in Europe, then they need to vet people more carefully who want to come here, even if that process is in a state of flux for awhile. America is a land of immigrants, and it always will be. But the United States government owns the right to control the flow. 


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Social Media is not the Right forum to criticize other conservatives!

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

Recent events have motivated me to write a brief post on Social Media etiquette, and indeed, it should be etiquette for the real world as well. Fellow Christians and Conservatives/libertarians should not fight one another openly on social media.

At risk of making the same error as a fellow writer has done this week, I’m going to explain the situation as it unfolded and offer some advice. I’m going to omit any names so as not to embarrass anyone. I was reading a blog post on one of the major conservative media outlets I enjoy, and I was shocked to find a thousand word essay by a favorite author criticizing another young rising star in the conservative movement. It wasn’t just criticism, it was nasty and in my view, uncalled for.  (I think the author called this other person an unkind name or two.)

Really this kind of personal attack in an open forum shows an extreme lack of emotional maturity and deeply damages the author’s credibility more than it seeks to damage the credibility of the other person. Both have said some rather outlandish things, but when they open up attacks on one another in a public forum, it’s the movement itself that ends up bruised. I don’t know the history of these two individuals, but they really should talk to one another rather that air their dirty laundry in public.

The Bible teaches that Christians who are having a difficult time with one another should take their disagreements and attempt to confront one another quietly in order to resolve the conflict. Usually, this involves taking a trusted friend into the meeting as a witness. If the meeting doesn’t have the desired result, then the next meeting should contain a contingent of four or more. A final meeting should include a moderator both parties empower to settle the issue amicably. None of that should be aired in public and actually causes dissension and unnecessary pain in the group. The Bible actually recommends expulsion from the group, if the remedy doesn’t work.

Read Matthew 18: 15-17 NIV

15 “If your brother or sister[a] sins,[b] go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. 16 But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’[c] 17 If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector.

This passage is meant for the church, but it works with any group or organization. And really, the attitude people have going into the meeting can greatly affect the outcome. If the participants are adversarial, they’ll just ruin any chance of reconciliation. If the participants are friendly and compassionate, their compassion will pay dividends.  I’m only writing this because I care about the people involved.

There is a wonderful article about this online and I invite people to read it. It is quite long and I don’t have the time to deal with all of it in this writing. I just want to mention it as a reference.


Lastly, I want to address what can happen for a person who fails to receive correction from their fellows. The outcome can be completely undesirable for the one who fails to receive instruction. I heard this story from a fellow captain I attended a military school with. I had a similar experience when I was in Iraq, but fortunately in my case, the consequences were much less dire. This captain was an armor officer stationed near Baghdad. He and his company were on patrol when they met up with another unit conducting a snap TCP, that is a hasty traffic control point. Their purpose was to stop traffic and search passing vehicles for bad actors.

This captain noticed errors and sloppiness in the way the TCP was being conducted. The point at which the traffic was being stopped was too close to where vehicles were actually being searched, a critical error. Additionally, the TCP was struck below an overpass, leaving soldiers vulnerable to attack from above.

The captain pulled aside the lieutenant and his sergeant to discuss ways to improve, but they were obstinate and wouldn’t listen and were hostile to the correction. The captain left, hoping his advice would take hold at some later date. Sadly, within 20 minutes or so, the outcome the captain feared came to fruition. A psycho with a vehicle born IED, car bomb, attacked the TCP, killing the lieutenant, the sergeant, and eight of their men.

When I was in Iraq I had a similar experience. I had some logistics work to do for my brigade at another base and the only way to get there was by ground convoy. I jumped in a convoy heading north from Talill to Baghdad and sat in the back seat of the convoy commander’s humvee. I was a highly paid, heavily armed tourist. There was a young lieutenant running the convoy, and he and his sergeant had things well in hand, so there was little this staff officer had in way of criticism, so I kept my mouth shut and tried to survive the ride.

At a certain point, the LT chose to stop the convoy along the roadside. His lead vehicle crew detected a potential roadside bomb. As per SOP, they stopped the convoy and called EOD to come and investigate. This sucks because all the convoys behind you have to stop as well, or at least that was the instruction. Some convoy commanders choose ignore the risk and take their convoys passed the groups that are stopped. Often with disastrous results. That happened on this particular day as another lieutenant chose to bypass the stopped convoys. Luckily for him, his men, and us, there was no roadside bomb that day, only a suspicious pile of dirt. But there were fireworks!

The convoy commander I was riding with caught up to the other lieutenant at a movement control team check point further on and they had a few words. I hung out in the periphery to listen to the debate. When the discussion threatened to become a fight, I stepped in. I explained to the young officer the nature of his offense and I advised him to correct his behavior. I doubt any words of mine had any affect because later on he tracked us down in the dark on the way back to our vehicles. This time he brought support from his NCOIC, a master sergeant. I couldn’t tell his rank in the dark so I asked him who he was. When I learned he was an NCO, I chewed him out. Last time I checked, master sergeant, I’m wearing captain’s bars, which still trumps your stripes. You’re both wrong, move out smartly! Now I was getting pissed.

I sure hope things turned out ok for those guys, because, they were wrong, and their behavior put the men and women they led in great jeopardy.

There isn’t quite the fallout potential in this case, but there is a potential for great harm. As writers, we put our credibility on the line every time we write something and put it out there in the public. If we use that line of credit to damage the reputations of other writers, especially members of the same party with similar worldview, other writers in our small enclave will take notice. They will see our lack of maturity and instability and will be wary of us. In the end, it is our own reputations that are damaged as members of our small group eventually won’t want anything to do with us, since they will be afraid we will lash out at them as well. Soon we will find ourselves isolated from the larger group, with no way to get back in.

Ronald Reagan always admonished us that we should not openly criticize other Republicans and conservatives, and he was right. My 80 percent friend is not my 20 percent enemy. We’ve gotten away from that practice, and with social media such as it is, we get in front of the keyboards angry, hammer on the keys, and hit send before we’ve really thought things through. That is a huge mistake!

Lastly, I will say this. The Bible teaches that we are held accountable to God to correct our brothers and sisters when they make an error. This is not a correction as a matter of preference, but of major issues with major impact. Some say, “well you can’t judge me”. Nonsense! It is required because our God is judging us if we do not. We should do so in humility because we know we ourselves are imperfect and we should be as open to the positive criticism as we provide positive criticism of others in our group.

I offer this advice humbly and accept others criticism even as I offer it to others. Of a positive result, I am not confident, as I was not confident of that young officer and his sergeant who left us there in the dark. These two young writers, like the soldiers I met on the road in Iraq, may well find themselves trapped in a minefield they created for themselves.

The Author in Kuwait

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The Young Turks

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

The Young Turks is a progressive media channel on the Internet, primarily You Tube that is popular amongst leftist, particularly the young and naïve. It is also the name of the group responsible for the destruction of Armenian Christians in Turkey known as the Armenian Genocide. Coincidence? Probably. More likely it’s a head nod to that group from the past. Like the Young Turks of the past who tried to purge their land of undesirables, the current rendition tries to purge society of anyone who holds on to conservative or libertarian thought by bombarding the youth with liberal progressive nonsense and propaganda.


Their current deception is to label the Trump administration as racist and white supremacist because of his connection to his chief of staff Steve Bannon and his policy of building a wall, preventing illegal immigration into this country and deporting all those who have immigrated here illegally, beginning with illegals who have broken other laws.


This, of course, is ridiculous. There is nothing in Donald Trump’s past to indicate racism or white supremacist tendencies. Indeed, he’s won awards for his work in diversity and race relations. If Bannon has any white supremacist, there certainly isn’t any evidence at it. This is a popular tactic of the left, a disinformation campaign of libelous attacks to discredit political opponents. The fake news claim is most certainly the latest iteration of this kind of attack. The thought process of the left is, accuse the enemy of the things of which you yourself are guilty in order to distract from the real issue and destroy the reputation of your opponents.


Here are some recent examples. You always know for an example that you are winning an argument with a liberal when they accuse you of racism. As popular conservative film maker Dinesh D’Souza points out, liberal democrats have been involved in racist practices from the beginning of the nation’s founding, including slavery, Jim Crow Laws, Black Codes, segregation, the KKK and so on. But somehow the modern Democratic Party is seen as the champions of African-Americans. In fact, their policies are a continuation of a campaign to diminish the minority communities power and keep them contained. Look up the history of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood for starters. Sanger is one of Hillary Clinton’s heroes. That should tell you a lot.


Of course there are other cases of fake news, usually transmitted by the mainstream media: Dan Rather’s CBS story about George Bush ducking out of his military obligations with the Air National Guard, Hands Up Don’t Shoot, Trayvon Martin shot by a white guy, Harry Reid lying about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes, and so on and so forth. The left has no problem seemingly to libel people they don’t like.


The challenge then is as a media consumer testing whether or not the news source you are using is biased and trustworthy. The only advice I have is to look at stories from that source long term and analyze them as a group. The more sensational and slanted the headline, the more likely the story is false, or half true.


Here at the American Millennium, we have plenty of opinions, but we try to base them in fact and we have references so that the reader can learn from the same source we used to test whether or not what we say is true. We don’t hide that we are a conservative news source. But, the first rule of any journalistic endeavor is the truth, the kind of truth that doesn’t care about public opinion. It is what it is.


We don’t really think the Young Turks have any connection to the past genocide; we’ve used that scenario to illustrate our point. But how reliable are the Turks, the Alex Jones of the left, with their continuous unfounded, biased propaganda. When will the Turks come clean and admit that what they are is a public relations propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, just like most of the mainstream news. We aren’t going to hold our breath waiting.

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Reporter Apologizes for Shooting at Terrorists

Jason Buttrill, center, with Dan Andros, center left, of The Blaze, in Sinjar Iraq with local Kurdish fighters. -photo from The Blaze

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium


So The Blaze reporter Jason Buttrill, a former Marine Sergeant and intelligence analyst, has walked back his comments on Twitter regarding his attack on Isis in Iraq with a high powered rifle. We believe this is unfortunate.

On November 8, Buttrill, who was working on assignment in Northern Iraq, took up arms against the Isis terrorists and fired five or six shots through what looked like a PSL or Draganov-style rifle. Buttrill was embedded with Kurdish Peshmerga at the time. He blasted out a picture of himself doing so, with Peshmerga looking on.

Today it seems Buttrill, under pressure from other journalists who feel his actions have endangered other reporters who many come to harm working in areas of conflict, has caved to the pressure and apologized.

Writes Buttrill,

I regret my earlier tweet about firing shots at ISIS. I spent many more years in the armed forces than I have as a member of a media organization. I failed to appreciate that my actions could put the lives of combat journalists at greater risk. For that,I am truly sorry. As a former Marine, I am hardwired to want to shoot at the bad guys. As a member of a media organization, I should have known better. I do now. In the future, I’ll leave the shooting to the combatants.

While we don’t have any reason to believe Buttrill’s apology is not sincere, we believe it is unnecessary. In a normal world, combat journalists could enjoy a feeling of a relative degree of safety reporting on conflict because established nations understand that the reporter is just doing a job and not taking sides. But dictators have never respected journalists who report the truth about what they are doing and terrorists certainly don’t. This feeling of relative safety is a lie and journalists should grow up and accept the reality that they are taking their own risks when covering war.

When terrorists murder children, rape women, behead aging archaeologists, journalists, burn people, drown people in cages, and place photos and video of their atrocities on the Internet for the world to see, they become the enemy of all of us. In a freedom loving world, men of character cannot sit by and watch evil men continue to commit their vile acts, they must respond.

Edmund Burke, the famous English legislator, is quoted as saying, “All that evil needs to flourish is for good men to do nothing!”

“All that evil needs to flourish is for good men to do nothing!” -Edmund Burke

We believe that Buttrill is a man of character, acting in defense of us all against vile terrorists who want to destroy our way of life. Brave Iraqis and Kurdish Peshmerga are in this fight to destroy this evil, once and for all. It is only natural that a real man like Buttrill would want to help and become a part of history.

The Blaze boss and media entrepreneur Glenn Beck has recalled Buttrill and suspended him from further field assignments according to a statement he released. We believe this is also unfortunate. I for one would like to see Beck’s listeners and fans to petition Beck on Buttrill’s behalf and demand that he not be punished for something we all secretly want to do ourselves.

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Blaze Reporter Suspended and Recalled for Being Active Combatant

Jason Buttrill of The Blaze aims a high powered rifle at Isis terrorists in Iraq. photo credit -The Blaze

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

Glenn Beck’s journalistic online endeavor The Blaze has told Politico and other news agencies that they are recalling a military analyst and correspondent Jason Buttrill, a former US Marine, after Buttrill admits he took a couple of pot shots at Isis fighters in Iraq.


The incident happened in Iraq within days of this writing and already there has been a fire storm of criticism about Buttrill’s actions. Online there is a photograph, taken by a peer of Buttrill’s showing him aiming what appears to be a PSL or Draganov-style military rifle with Peshmerga fighters looking on. Buttrill admits that he took about six shots at Isis fighters while at the front lines from very long distance.


Buttrill bragged about the incident in his Twitter feed. And got a lot of reaction online.

Journalists responded to the comments of Buttrill, claiming that his actions as a foreign fighter endanger other journalists covering areas of conflict.C.J. Chivers of the New York Times writes:

Here at the American Millennium we have a different opinion, (‘we’ being ‘me’ since I’m the only one!)Since when does crying over a dead journalist do any good? Journalists have been covering war and conflict forever. They’ve always been hated by totalitarian regimes, they’ve always been jailed, tortured and murdered. Why then should not a journalist retaliate against an evil organization that murderers journalists for fun, beheads them, and sends the film of the atrocity to the internet where family members can see?

Mike Glenn arrogantly sniff’s:

Jason Stern of the Committee to Protect Journalists also weighed in writing:


Jason, journalists are detained and killed all over the world over false accusations of being combatants. This doesn’t help.

Stop already, you hypocrites! You make me want to throw up. The fact is that these so called journalists who arrogantly sniff that people like Buttrill is endangering journalists are like people who blame the woman who was raped because of what she was wearing at the time. There is more outrage from these journalists about what Buttrill did than for what Isis and Al Qeada has done from the very beginning. I would rather read the dispatches of a partisan journalist who actually recognizes the danger of this enemy than one of these robots who cover the war and don’t take a side.

There’s been a big deal made about the sad photo of a child in Syria caught in the debris after a Russian air strike. The poor little child, in shock probably, wipes blood and tears from his face as he sits calmly in the back of an ambulance. This iconic photo probably is the one image that resonates for most journalists and regular people the horrible aftermath of war. But there is another photo that is no less important. It is the photo of a Syrian man holding up the dead body of a very young child, sans a head. The baby was tortured by terrorists and beheaded. Her crime, belonging to a Christian family. How can anyone look at a photo like this and not have an emotional reaction? How can you not, if given a chance, not want to do what Buttrill did and fire a few shots at the murderers who perpetrated these atrocities?

Read more about this at Catholic Onlie: http://www.catholic.org/news/international/middle_east/story.php?id=56481

I applaud Buttrill, and for the journalists criticizing him, I say, get your heads out of your asses. There is no such thing as an independent journalist anymore. We learned from American elections that all journalists are partisans and have an agenda. Why should not one man out of many who has an accurate assessment of what is going on in the world and want to take part, even grabbing a rifle from time to time.

Buttrill is a warrior, a former US Marine, indoctrinated in the ways of the Marine Corps, protectors of the realm. Who is to say, in the new normal, that a man doing journalism overseas in a combat zone can’t multi-task? There are some who watch and do nothing, and there are those who act. Buttrill is a man of action.

Buttrill is a warrior, a former US Marine, indoctrinated in the ways of the Marine Corps, protectors of the realm. Who is to say, in the new normal, that a man doing journalism overseas in a combat zone can’t multi-task? There are some who watch and do nothing, and there are those who act. Buttrill is a man of action. -Jeremy Griffith, The American Millennium

There is another image that has caught my attention that I’d like to comment on briefly. It is a video of a woman in a train station being assaulted by a Muslim immigrant. She gets off the train and goes down the stairs into the station. It’s late at night. The immigrant, a male Muslim, for no other reason other than hate and spite, comes up from behind her and kicks her hard in the back, sending her careening down the stairs. A companion of this Muslim piece of crap then steals the girl’s cell phone and walks off.

To me this unfortunate incident in a Berlin train station is representative of what is going on in the world. Muslims are taking over the west and they don’t really care about our western values. It doesn’t matter that people like Buttrill are taking pot shots at them. These men, and it’s mostly the men, hate us and they hate our values. They are coming to the west and are taking over our countries so that in some areas you can’t even recognize the place anymore.

We are the girl at the train station. We are getting kicked down the stairs and the collective west is just watching it happen. It’s time we start kicking back.

We are the girl at the train station. We are getting kicked down the stairs and the collective west is just watching it happen. It’s time we start kicking back. -Jeremy Griffith, The American Millennium

Who can forget the vicious attack on the French Satirical paper Charlie Hebdo in January of 2015? Journalists drawing satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed raised the ire of these madmen and pair of gunmen took action and shot up the place. In a two-day onslaught these criminals killed 17 people, including journalists and police. Why then should not another journalist in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo take up their cause, and a rifle, and take a few shots at the sort of people who like to kill journalists for fun?!

French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo takes a politically incorrect aim at Islam.

In my mind there are only two kinds of people any more: those who support the terrorists and those who oppose them. I for one oppose the people who murder gays, women, men, children, journalists, cops, aging archaeologists, who destroy shrines and ancient ruins, who rape women, throw them down stairs and steal their cell phones, who don’t value what we value and take a collective piss on our western worldview. To them I say, better take cover, we are coming for you and we are going to destroy you.

And for those journalists who just stand and watch as atrocities happen I say, You are irrelevant.

Glenn Beck released a statement to Politico announcing the recall and suspension of Buttrill.

Says Beck: “Jason Buttrill is a valued researcher for Mercury Radio Arts for a television show that airs on TheBlaze network,” the statement says. “Given his military and security background, Mr. Buttrill was offered the opportunity for an important research assignment in Iraq. Due to his conduct, Mercury Radio Arts has recalled him back to the US. He has been suspended from further field research assignments.”

Beck should grow a spine and leave Buttrill where he is. I have more respect for him than other so called journalists in the region, who I am going to ignore from now on. Beck’s reaction to this situation is very disappointing.

Special note: It appears that some Islamic thug responsible for terrorist actions in Paris, including the attack on Charlie Hebdo, was killed by the US military in Syria. It’s the US military that keep us safe, not some committee of journalists. You’re welcome.




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My Dream Encounter with Hillary Clinton

I spent my night in a dream avoiding Hillary Clinton at the bar and looking for my lost shoe. -Jeremy Griffith

I spent my night in a dream avoiding Hillary Clinton at the bar and looking for my lost shoe. -Jeremy Griffith

Dreams can be weird and last night I had the weirdest. I haven’t visited this blog for months so I thought I would tell you about it. This my dream encounter with Hillary Clinton.

So I was celebrating, in my dream, the election of Donald Trump and the trouncing of Hillary Clinton, the worst democrat candidate in the history of bad candidates, when I’m approached at the bar by none other than Hillary Clinton. Now I’m dressed in a nice suit and tie with my nice Army black dress shoes, the patton leather ones. She’s looking all haggard and in disarray, morn full over her epic loss. She says to me, “well Jeremy I guess you have something to brag about in your little blog now. But just you wait, your comupance will come.”

I was stunned. I thought to myself, doesn’t the former Secretary of State have better things to do than slum it with us in a Minneapolis bar?Here in  Minnesota at least she could hide among her many supporters, we’re such a blue state.

Tim Walz was with her, our smarmy representative here in Minnesota and he introduced himself to me saying. “Well, Mr. Griffith, it looks like I’m going to be your congressman for a little while longer!” He had a huge smile on his smug face.

“Yes, that is too bad. Enjoy your victory while you can,” I said, shaking his sweaty hand. “I hope you have conference meetings with your new peer from the second district, Jason Lewis!” I’m still miffed about Walz’s razor thin win over Jim Hagedorn, but I guess that is politics. At least I can console myself with the notion that we Republicans have the majority in the house and the senate, and a quasi-republican president in the White House. The former popular libertarian radio talk show host Lewis was elected handily in the second district of Minnesota and will be a good representative to offset the miserably inept Walz.

Clinton approaches me again as Walz politely drifts off into the woodwork. Her breath smells of alcohol and she seems a bit unsteady on her feet. She says, “don’t think for one second, my dear fellow, that we Clintons are done. You haven’t seen the last of us!” She had a slight lisp in her voice.

“Madam Secretary,” I said, very polite. “You’re political ambitions are done. You might as well take your ill-gotten gains from your fake foundation and move quickly to a non-extradition country and retire before you get audited. If you do have a future, it is in the slim hope that your daughter Chelsea wins a New York house seat as you have planned!”

That comment earned me a slap from Hillary, with stunned me and which led me to lose one of my shoes under the bar, which was never recovered. Shocked I turned to Chelsea, who was standing there in tow behind her mother, acting meek. I said to her, “Chelsea if you do run for office, don’t act like your corrupt parents. You’ll get slaughtered if you do. We’re making America Great Again!” I spent the rest of my dream looking for my lost shoe.

So how weird is that? I’m grateful that Donald Trump has beat Hillary, I’m sorry to have Sergeant Major Walz as my rep again, but then, he has to run again in two years and hopefully we can get someone to beat him. I hope Chelsea won’t run, little chance of that. I guess all my concerns, fears and hopes came out in this one dream. It will be such a relief to not have to talk politics for a while.

Good luck Mr. Trump, I hope you can turn this country around.

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Sad remembrances for a lost boy, on the baseball field

By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium


Twins baseball was a lot of fun tonight. It was my second or third time in the new Target Field stadium and my wife’s first. We had tried to attend a game earlier in the year with friends, but it rained. While they still played that game, it was a downpour and we had decided not to stay. Thankfully the ball club offered to redeem our tickets for tonight’s game and we got a chance to come and see my beloved team play, and OMG they won! Tonight was one of the happiest of my life as we watched the Twins blow out the White Sox 11-3.

The nights have not been so happy for one Minnesota family, who sadly have endured 27 years of anguish and misery. This week state police have announced that the body of kidnapped boy Jacob Wetterling was found. His family must feel a mix of anguish and relief after this long nightmare has ended. Tonight, the Twins ball club made the decision to hold a moment of silence for the deceased boy and his family before the start of the game. It was classy, dignified, and solemn.

Of course nothing we can do singularly or in a group to assuage the pain of the Wetterling family. We can try, and we must, but in the end there is nothing. We must hold them in our thoughts and prayers, even as we express our collective outrage for the evil man who robbed his family of the life of a young boy.

I have a suggestion as to what the government should do with the suspect of this crime, once he is convicted. I think there should be a lottery, supervised by the very same people who operate the Minnesota State Lottery. Instead of one winner with a large cash payout, there should be 50 winners chosen. No cash award. Only an opportunity. An opportunity to stand in a line all at once, all fifty winners and take their turn demonstrating our collective outrage at this man for what he’s done with a single punch, kick, or elbow strike to the suspect’s head, torso and groin, one per person. That would be justice. If that doesn’t kill the man, (I use the term loosely, because he’s not a man, more of an animal) then there should be another lottery for a ten person firing squad. That should end the ordeal. That would be justice.

The proceeds for this lotto should be offered to the families to help them through their grief and to aid with programs to prevent the abduction and abuse of young children. I think given the circumstances, every Minnesotan would buy a ticket to support such a worthy cause.

Of course that won’t happen, but if it would be nice if it could happen. Many Minnesotans would agree I think that something like that should be done, in order for there to be retribution, but our politicians sadly don’t have the stomach for it. Instead we’ll just have to wait and see the slow wheels of justice take their course. I don’t want to see another interview with a killer on Netflix. I just want this man to die.

It’s hard to fathom all that this family has lost, what this little boy has lost. His whole life is gone, every experience he was privileged to take a part in, what all of us take part in: taking in a ball game, a band concert, reading books and traveling; falling in love and growing up, all of that is gone. It’s gone not only for this boy, but for his family as well who would have shared his life and enjoyed it with him, had he lived. It is such a shame. We are all so heartbroken for this child that no words can express how we feel, and there are no words or gestures sufficient to take away the pain. All we can say is, we’re sorry. So very sorry, for your loss.

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